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The quality of education, a concern beyond the classroom space

Mercedes Keeling Alvarez ,
Mercedes Keeling Alvarez

Grupo Coordinador Formación Doctoral. Casa Pedagogo Provincial “Dr. C. Justo Chávez Rodríguez”. La Habana

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María de las Nieves Veloz Montano ,
María de las Nieves Veloz Montano

Centro Especializado en Servicios Educacionales Victoria de Enero. La Habana, Cuba.

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This paper presents the theoretical considerations that serve as points of reference for reflecting on the concept of quality in education. These reflections emerged as part of a research conducted in a new type of educational institution, the Specialized Center for Educational Services, a project that responds to the transformations within the framework of the Third Improvement of the National Education System in Cuba. The polysemic nature of the concept of quality of education and the challenges it poses to the school today in its daily routine are highlighted. This is approached from a perspective that links quality with the demands of real educational contexts and expectations in the different teaching spaces at all educational levels.

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Keeling Alvarez M, Veloz Montano M de las N. The quality of education, a concern beyond the classroom space. Seminars in Medical Writing and Education [Internet]. 2024 Jan. 20 [cited 2024 Apr. 17];3:52. Available from:

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