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Availability of retracted Covid-19 papers on Internet research-sharing platforms

Renan MVR Almeida ,
Renan MVR Almeida

Programa de Engenharia Biomédica COPPE/UFRJ. Brazil

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Aldo José Fontes-Pereira ,
Aldo José Fontes-Pereira

Centro Universitário Serra dos Órgãos–Unifeso, Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Introduction: This paper investigated the availability of retracted/with Expression of Concern Covid-19 papers on research-sharing platforms.
Methods: From the “Retraction Watch” (RW) list of Covid-19 retracted/with Expressions of Concern (EoC) papers, all articles pertaining to Covid-19 treatment were selected. After their identification, paper titles and authors were searched on the platforms: Research Gate and Academia ( In case a retracted or EoC paper was identified as available, the presence of a warning note was ascertained (either as an attached note or as a direct warning on the paper). The citations that these papers received were then identified on the Google Scholar platform, and classified as prior to retraction date/posterior to retraction date.
Results: At first, a total of 44 papers were selected from the RW list. Out of these, 18 full papers could be obtained in the analyzed platforms (15 retractions, 3 EoCs). Fourteen of the identified papers concerned dubious, ineffective or “alternative” treatments. The most common countries of origin were India and Egypt. The median number of Google Scholar post-retraction citations was 29.5 and the mean 42.9 (range: 0 - 128).
Conclusion: Research-sharing platforms should implement mechanisms to prevent non reliable research to be made available in them.

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MVR Almeida R, Fontes-Pereira AJ. Availability of retracted Covid-19 papers on Internet research-sharing platforms. Seminars in Medical Writing and Education [Internet]. 2024 Feb. 11 [cited 2024 Apr. 17];3:54. Available from:

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