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Corporal Expression as a broad spectrum psycho-pedagogical resource

Iris Mercedes Prevall Vinent ,
Iris Mercedes Prevall Vinent

Escuela Especial Batalla de Ogaden. La Habana, Cuba

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Corporal Expression has become an important psycho-pedagogical resource due to the implications it has on the subject from the different areas it impacts. Different authors have contributed elements of interest that, from different sciences, support the effectiveness of its use. The present paper reveals from a bibliographic review elements that accredit the Corporal Expression as a wide spectrum psycho-pedagogical resource. Theoretical methods such as: Analytical-synthetic, inductive-deductive, were used in order to identify and systematize the theoretical and methodological information on the subject. The study made it possible to gather valuable arguments that justify the designation of Corporal Expression as a valuable and useful resource in the compensatory corrective work and empowerment of the subject.

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