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Published January 1, 2024

Seminars in Medical Writing and Education

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Seminars in Medical Writing and Education

ISSN-L: 3008-8127

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2024-02-11 Original
Availability of retracted Covid-19 papers on Internet research-sharing platforms

By Renan MVR Almeida, Aldo José Fontes-Pereira

Introduction: This paper investigated the availability of retracted/with Expression of Concern Covid-19 papers on research-sharing platforms.
Methods: From the “Retraction Watch” (RW) list of Covid-19 retracted/with Expressions of Concern (EoC) papers, all articles pertaining to Covid-19 treatment were selected. After their identification, paper titles and authors were searched on the platforms: Research Gate and Academia ( In case a retracted or EoC paper was identified as available, the presence of a warning note was ascertained (either as an attached note or as a direct warning on the paper). The citations that these papers received were then identified on the Google Scholar platform, and classified as prior to retraction date/posterior to retraction date.
Results: At first, a total of 44 papers were selected from the RW list. Out of these, 18 full papers could be obtained in the analyzed platforms (15 retractions, 3 EoCs). Fourteen of the identified papers concerned dubious, ineffective or “alternative” treatments. The most common countries of origin were India and Egypt. The median number of Google Scholar post-retraction citations was 29.5 and the mean 42.9 (range: 0 - 128).
Conclusion: Research-sharing platforms should implement mechanisms to prevent non reliable research to be made available in them.

2024-02-29 Review
Impact of Predatory Journal Publishing on Scholarly Practices among Academic Librarians in Nigeria: A Systematic Review of Literature

By Wahab Akanmu Aboyade, Elizabeth O. Ndubuisi-Okoh, Chukwu Okoche, Bolaji David Oladokun

The rise of predatory publishing poses a concerning trend among academics, including librarians, in Nigeria. This study explores the essential aspects and consequences of predatory publishing within the realm of Nigerian academic librarians. It delineates the characteristics of predatory publishers and journals, shedding light on their subtle methods of enticing unwitting authors. The discussion navigates the intricate dimensions of predatory publishing and its detrimental impacts on research and scholarship within the librarian community. Emphasizing the devastating effects on the future of research and scholarship, the paper concludes by presenting intervention strategies and urging relevant authorities in Nigeria to take proactive measures in curtailing predatory publishing, particularly among academic librarians. The paper recommends that academic libraries and librarians should lead the awareness campaign, and individual institutions should organize periodic seminars and workshops on the consequences of predatory publishing.

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By Renan MVR Almeida, Aldo José Fontes-Pereira

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