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Theoretical approach to professional development: A review of the pedagogical process

Amelia Domínguez Romay ,
Amelia Domínguez Romay

Dirección de Relaciones Internacionales del Ministerio de Educación. La Habana, Cuba.

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Mercedes Keeling Alvarez ,
Mercedes Keeling Alvarez

Grupo Coordinador Formación Doctoral. Casa Pedagogo Provincial “Dr. C. Justo Chávez Rodríguez”. La Habana

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This paper addresses professional development as a continuous pedagogical process based on theoretical and methodological foundations derived from research in the educational context. It focuses on the relationship of professional development with other categories such as instruction, education, preparation, training and performance. The paper stresses the importance of the aspired education to be integral, with several dimensions to be developed. An integral professional must be able to think, feel, value, believe and act, which is reflected in his or her performance in educational practice. Education should prepare individuals both for life in general and for their insertion into the world of work, which is the very essence of the educational process. Professional development, as a pedagogical process, is organized and consciously directed towards a single objective: the integral formation of the personality to develop effectively in its various contexts of action. This process includes various organizational forms, such as continuing education and postgraduate courses, workshops, seminars and conferences, among others. The paper emphasizes that in order to achieve this process successfully, it is essential to previously identify the needs and demands for improvement through an initial diagnosis. This diagnosis serves as a starting point for the planning of pedagogical actions, their implementation, evaluation and control of the results obtained, which should be manifested in the educational environment.

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