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The challenge of university teaching practices

Felipe Ramirez Bernal ,
Felipe Ramirez Bernal

Universidad de Zulia. República Bolivariana de Venezuela

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This article seeks to analyze how higher education institutions assume and incorporate inclusion into institutional discourse and how teachers incorporate it into their daily pedagogical practices, amid paradoxes and lack of knowledge of the elements needed to build an inclusive education. In this sense, this article aims to generate a reflection on inclusive processes in higher education, as well as to report on experiences that have enabled teachers at the Faculty of Education - to approach, understand and assume the inclusive phenomenon and recognize differences in professional training processes. The basis of this article is the research entitled "Characterization of teaching practices in the Faculty of Education". This research experience is presented as a reflective practice of teachers, in which inclusion is an element that allows the transformation of the individual, teacher-student, in order to contribute to social transformation.

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